What’s My Ring Size?

Finding the perfect ring size does not have to be difficult. Use one of three ways below to find the perfect ring size.


use a Ring Sizer

Using the ring sizer is the ideal way to find out your ring size.

Get our multi-use ring sizer, just pay for shipping. We will also send you a code that gives you a discount for the same amount on your final ring purchase. While we offer worry free returns and exchanges, this method is sure to make your ring order a perfect fit.


Measure an existing ring

This is the fastest way to find out your ring size.

Take a ring that fits you best. Make sure the ring fits the same finger you intend to purchase a ring for.
Using a ruler, measure the internal diameter of the ring in mm.
Use the image cart to the left to find your perfect ring size.
If your measurement is in-between sized, it’s best to order on the larger side.


Use a Thread

This is a simple way of making your own ring sizer but has the highest chance of error.

Take a thin thread and wrap it around the finger you intend to wear the ring.
Make sure to mark the point where the thread meets and forms a full circle without overlap.
Use the chart to the left to find the perfect ring size.