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On The Rocks — A blog about jewelry design, styles, and trends

On The Rocks is a blog about jewelry design, current trends, styles, and fashions. 

It's Time to Pink!

Rock Road Jewelry

Pink is HOT right now! Yet it's no easy to find cool pink jewelry to wear that is not made with rose gold. While there is nothing wrong with rose gold, I prefer something more unique (no, not a pink diamond! or it's fake cousin a.k.a "Pink Ice".) My go to happens to be -- Rose Quartz! This delicate and lovely stone has strong feminine energy and is ideal to contrast that perfect black outfit or worn down with that cool pink sweatshirt or bomber jacket during the day. 

Want to know more about this amazing stone? You can always read more HERE . Even better — you can buy this earring HERE. Just pick the Rose Quartz stone.