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On The Rocks — A blog about jewelry design, styles, and trends

On The Rocks is a blog about jewelry design, current trends, styles, and fashions. 

Introducing: The Spring Summer 2017 Collections

Rock Road Jewelry

Spring and summer is our favorite time of the year! Life sprouts all around us with beautiful flowers, vibrant colors, and a whole lot of sunshine. For this season, we bring to you four distinct collections centered around primary colors and classical elegance in a bold, modern look. 

Each collection is inspired by trailblazing women in the fields of Geology and Mathematics. 

The Earth Collection
This collection takes its inspiration from Florence Bascom, a geologist who was the first woman to be hired by the United States Geological Survey and the second to earn a Ph.D in the field. The focused here is on rough stones and primary colors, harnessing the positive energy of the elements, as they are found in nature. This is a collection of necklaces, bracelets, and rings. 

The Geometric Collection
This collection takes its inspiration from the work of Alicia Scott, a mathematician born on June 8, 1860, who is best known for her models of dimensional geometric figures. Alicia's work inspired us to create a sterling silver collection of rings, earrings, and bracelets in simple geometric shapes. 

The Daylight Collection
This takes it's inspiration from Birge Huisgen-Zimmermann, a German mathematician best known for her work on Ring Theory. This collection is a series of rings and earrings of circular form or with stones in primary numbers.

The Moonlight Collection
This collection takes inspiration from an unsuspecting figure. Crown Princess Victoria - the future Queen of Sweden. One of the only royals to hold an advanced degree in geology. This collection, a more polished version of the Earth Collection, is designed to be elegant and fit for royalty. 

We hope you enjoy wearing these beautiful designs this season.

Come see us at Merve's (235 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ 07452) for the launch party on April 20th, 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Meet the cast and crew, shop some jewelry, and enjoy with some Prosecco and hors d'oeuvres. 

Rock Road Jewelry



Photography by Helen McGuire, Owner LNPhotographie

, 101 E. Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450
Abma's Farm & Greenhouse, 700 Lawlins Rd., Wyckoff, NJ 07481

Happy Birthday December Babies!

Rock Road Jewelry

Happy Birthday December babies! It's the month of the Sagittarius and Capricorns. I have one of those in my own home. For this group, the birthstone is a fun and mysterious one; one with a great history and place in different cultures across the planet. That stone is — Turquoise

One of the most ancient gemstones to be found in history, Turquoise dates back to 4000 BC. The stone was also called as "Mefkat" by ancient Egyptians meaning "Joy" and "Delight". It's also frequently seen in Native Indian jewelry because it can be found near Arizona and Nevada. In nature, turquoise is found in serene blue and green colors like these:


Turquoise is a really elegant stone. As a December birthstone, it gives color and pop to brown hues, rusts, grays, and black winterly sweater colors while still being a stone heavily associated with fun boho-style dresses in the summer. Pieces can be worn up for that little pinch of charm or for a perfect day attire while enjoying the sun outdoors.

While our Turquoise designs are made to be versatile, some pieces are made specifically to accompany more elegant outfits. Here are some new pieces and the inspiration behind them. 

And finally, here is an antique silver turquoise piece — Not for Sale — from my personal collection. The exact origin of this piece is unknown but it bears the makings of old middle-eastern designs. This piece has small turquoise stones with coral complimenting the blue and a colored glass center. 


And here is a new turquoise earring — Not for Sale — from my personal collection. This earring is made to look old. This piece has beautiful turquoise with cultured pearls in the middle. 


Hope you enjoyed the talk on turquoise. Enjoy December and make sure to wear some beautiful turq this month!

It's Time to Pink!

Rock Road Jewelry

Pink is HOT right now! Yet it's no easy to find cool pink jewelry to wear that is not made with rose gold. While there is nothing wrong with rose gold, I prefer something more unique (no, not a pink diamond! or it's fake cousin a.k.a "Pink Ice".) My go to happens to be -- Rose Quartz! This delicate and lovely stone has strong feminine energy and is ideal to contrast that perfect black outfit or worn down with that cool pink sweatshirt or bomber jacket during the day. 

Want to know more about this amazing stone? You can always read more HERE . Even better — you can buy this earring HERE. Just pick the Rose Quartz stone. 

What's Hidden In The Logo?

Rock Road Jewelry

Starting a business is tough enough but add top of it the task of making sure you brand name and the logo tells your story. Our journey of finding the right name and then transforming it into our logo was a lot of fun. It's a story I can't help but think about all the time. And most importantly, the fun little thing that is hidden in our logo design. This story is short but broken into three parts. 

1. What should we call it?

This was the most difficult part. Picking a name that meant something to me was important. A name that I could relate to, a name that made sense for the business, could grow with us as the business grew, and did not limit me to selling only silver. I like any other businesswomen have a desire to do more but I also recognize that focus is important. So for now, we are focused on silver but our name is not. This certainly trimmed down the list. Mission #1 accomplished. 

I also wanted to make sure the name said something about my history and my background. I like stones! I REALLY like stones! and that is one of the reasons I went to study and then teach at the Gemological Institute of America. Here began the journey of finding something that had the word "stones" in it. You have no idea how cheesy and difficult some of this was. Alas, it was in front of me. Sitting at Starbucks on Rock Road in my town the name was created. I love rocks, I hope this is a long road, and this town is very dear to me. There it was "Rock Road Jewelry." 

2. Who will design it?

While I can design jewelry, designing a logo is another skill altogether. Thankfully we have some amazingly creative friends. This logo was the creation of Dan Blackman from The Studio Of Dan Blackman. Dan took our story, history, purpose, mission, and nailed it! He created something that made me proud of my business and what I was going to do even more. He gave life to the name -- Rock Road Jewelry. 


3. How will the logo show my heritage in a cool way?

This is the fun part and also the hidden part. Whist the logo above does say "New Delhi" a town that I grew up in. It's really the treatment below that makes me giddy each time I see it. Notice anything?


Notice anything now?


I am bi-lingual and the national language of India is Hindi. It happens to be that the letter R in Hindi is very similar in script to the letter R in English. This just closed the deal for me. I really wanted a way to incorporate this into by business. This was the birth of our logo. A beautiful depiction of Rock Road in both Hindi and English. This is a Hinglish logo and what's "hidden in the logo!" about how it all comes together. 

Hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed telling this part of our brand story.